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What is Shop Local Kirkland?

Shop Local Kirkland is an initiative funded by the City of Kirkland and driven to help Kirkland businesses survive and thrive via eCommerce. Shop Local Kirkland is an online platform, a digital main street that is activated by consumer engagement and incentive marketing and forms a safety net economy for Kirkland.

How much does it cost to register?

Nothing! Registration with Shop Local Kirkland is FREE. Third party eCommerce and delivery partners may charge fees for services if you elect to contract with them.

Is there a subscription or membership fee?

No. Business participation on Shop Local Kirkland is FREE. Third party eCommerce and delivery partners may charge fees for services if you elect to contract with them.

How will Shop Local Kirkland help my business?

Shop Local Kirkland benefits your business by expanding your customer base, broadening your markets and reach, enabling eCommerce capacity, increasing revenues, building business resilience and strengthening your local economy and community.

I don’t have a website to sell online. Can I still register with Shop Local Kirkland?

Yes. You can join without eCommerce capability. We encourage all businesses to create online sales capacity if they don’t already have it. Shop Local Kirkland has established partnerships to facilitate this, however, it is not a requirement.

Can I sell on many platforms via Shop Local Kirkland?

Yes. Shop Local Kirkland allows you to select up to 4 eCommerce and point of sale options when you set up your storefront.

Can customers buy my products/services on the Shop Local Kirkland website?

No. Shop Local Kirkland is a gateway to the eCommerce platforms that are established and maintained by each Kirkland business. Shop Local Kirkland is a main street of digital storefronts, which serves as a portal to the eCommerce platforms of our member businesses.

How do I register my business?

The registration process has two steps. Step 1 verifies your business as Kirkland based. Step 2 builds your digital storefront. Click here to go to and then select REGISTER BUSINESS from the top menu. Follow the prompts. If you get stuck, have a question or need help, email us at

What do I need to register with Shop Local Kirkland?

Businesses must be Kirkland based and have a valid UBI # (also known as a WA State business license) with an endorsement to do business in Kirkland. If you need to find your UBI# you can look it up here: Look up UBI#

What size and resolution do my storefront photos need to be?

The minimum image size is 550 X 550 pixels. Shop Local Kirkland requires beautiful images to maintain the look of our collective main street. Product shots should be well lit on white or dark backgrounds, or with the background completely out of focus. A single image of your brick and mortal shop is a good idea, if applicable. If you need help with photography, email

How will Shop Local Kirkland be promoted?

The City and partners are planning a robust consumer engagement campaign, with incentive marketing as part of its strategy. Shop Local Kirkland also relies on Kirkland businesses to promote the initiative as well as their goods, services and offerings via their own media and marketing platforms and efforts. This commitment extends the reach for the entire marketplace.

What incentives will there be to shop via Shop Local Kirkland?

We are working to create consumer incentives to drive traffic through the platform to Kirkland businesses. In addition, media, public relations, social media strategies, neighborhood and community mindedness and the individual as well as collective efforts of our business community will all help to drive engagement. We are all in this together.

Is there a toolkit to help me promote Shop Local Kirkland via my own marketing strategies?

Yes. Coming Soon.

How can I promote my business on Shop Local Kirkland?

You can customize your business’s message, photos and offerings on the Shop Local Kirkland platform at any time. You can create and link to offers, deals, showcase new products and special services in your Shop Local Kirkland digital storefront. You can participate in incentive marketing campaigns as they are created.

Can I get help shooting nice photos for my Shop Local Kirkland storefront?

Yes. Beautiful images are an important component of the Shop Local Kirkland platform. We feel strongly enough about this that we are offering support. Email us at and we will send a photographer to assist!

Can I get help uploading photos?

Yes. Please email us at and we will assist.

Who can I contact for help registering my business?

With questions and for assistance please email

Who can I contact if I don’t know how to sell online?

During the Business Registration process, you will be asked whether you would like more information or assistance with eCommerce capability. Please tick the box during registration, or contact and we will connect you with eCommerce service providers.

Can I change the photos and information on my Business Storefront page?

Yes. Once your business is registered, you will have full access to alter and update your Business StoreFront information through a proprietary link.

eCommerce & Delivery Providers

Shop Local Kirkland is committed to helping local businesses digitally transform for future survival. Many companies provide eCommerce solutions for businesses. A future Business Resources page on this website will offer usefullinks for businesses in the near future. As a service to our local businesses, Shop Local Kirkland partners with some independent service providers to make eCommerce services easily available to businesses in the Kirkland economy. Until we have our Partners Page redy to view, please reach out to to learn more.

Service Provider Name: Meylah Corporation

Description of Services: Provides online storefront solutions for any business to sell their products, digital products, services, create vouchers and create coupons and boost lead generation with digital offers on their digital storefront.

What is included:

Create basic eCommerce platform to sell products and digital products with inventory controls and inventory options. Product listings; digital product listings;

Sell Vouchers: Offer services through voucher creation and listing with inventory controls.

Lead Generation: Generate leads via FREE digital products on your store.

Coupons: Create custom coupon codes on your store with option of % OFF or $ OFF a purchase.

Cost: Basic storefront is FREE (no listing, no relisting fees) for up to 100 products, Premium storefront is $19.95/mo. for up to 500 products.

Transaction Fees: 6.75% per transaction + PayPal Fees

Minimum Requirements: PayPal account

Other Information

Contact Us at:

Learn More at:

50% off of ‘white glove’ full onboarding services available for Shop Local Kirkland businesses

Can other eCommerce providers offer services via to Shop Local Kirkland?

Yes, soon. After the initial launch, the Shop Local Kirkland platform will be expanded to include limitless service providers who wish to offer eCommerce and delivery options to Shop Local Kirkland businesses.